Yapp Labs

Ember.js Consulting & Training in New York City

Meet the Team


Luke Melia (lukemelia)

Ember.js committer and Ember.js NYC organizer.

Chris LoPresto (chrislopresto)

Ember CLI Addon author.

Kris Selden (krisselden)

Ember.js core team member & performance wizard.

Ray Cohen (raycohen)

Ember.js contributor and speaker.

Our Mission

To enrich the Ember community by helping companies to develop internal Ember expertise, resolve tough bugs and performance issues, fill in missing functionality in the ecosystem, and ultimately ship great apps that make us all proud to be associated with Ember.

We Offer the Following Services

Ember.js Training

Through training engagements, meetups, Hacker Hours, and co-working invitations, we love teaching Ember. We can develop a customized curriculum to help your team get started or level up.

Sponsored OSS Development

Much of Ember’s progress has come from companies generously funding developers like us to devote full-time focus to particular areas of the ecosystem that are important to their business goals.

Joint App Development

Our favorite way to work is to augment an existing team, creating a few more Ember experts in the world while we help you create your app. Our strong Ruby on Rails skills come in handy, too.

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Our Story

Since 2012, our team has been building Yapp’s vision: making mobile app creation accessible to anyone and everyone. Early versions of our product received rave reviews from users and press alike, including the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, and the BBC.

Yapp is built in Ember, and our team — as you may know — has some serious Ember chops. By contributing code to Ember core, mentoring newer Ember developers, running the successful Ember.js NYC Meetup, and more, we are always sharing our skills and knowledge with the Ember community.

Yapp Labs was born out of the combination of these two passions -- the Yapp product and the Ember community. When it came time to think about funding the next stage of Yapp’s growth, we decided to explore an alternative to traditional venture funding that was true to our vision and what we love to do -- make apps accessible to everyone, ordinary folks and developers alike.

We’re just getting started with our ambitious vision for Yapp and the new Yapp Labs. We would love for you to be a part of it.